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Tomado / Decorek

45 euro


The Netherlands


This decorack made by  Tomado in the 80's can be used in all kinds of area. Think of the kitchen for spices, in your office as organiser of in the living room for plants and magazines.


- Included: wallrack, 2 trays, 6 plastic hooks, suspension supplies

- Colours:  black and white

- To use verticaly as horizontally

- Light metal frame + coating


H:  41/66 cm

W: 41/66 cm

Tomado decoreck, ontwerpen in de jaren 80. 

Nieuwe heruitgave in zwart & wit. 

Ideaal voor op kantoor, keuken, ... 


​​​Did you know?


Tomado is originally a very dutch company. The name is a mix of Van der Togt Massa - articles Dordrecht. The brand almost excist 100 year.

Tomado made ever since they started a variation of household articles and is well know for his quality.

After the second world war the world's reconstruction period started and  tomado experienced a huge growth. It became the symbol of modern household.

In the 50 - 60 -70s everybody had one or more Tomado products at home.

Well know designer Gerrit Rietveld praised Tomado as a school example of excellent Dutch Design.

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