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Artemide Eclisse table lamp


Artemide Eclisse table lamp

Designer: Vico Magistretti

  • Length : 25 cm

  • Height : 25 cm

  • Depth : 12 cm

The Artemide Eclisse table lamp was designed in 1965 by Vico Magistretti and won the 'Compasso d'oro' award in 1967. It has become a classic of Italian design.
This item has a simple shape inspired by miners or thieves lanterns and echoed by Magistretti. 


During 1963 while in the city of Milan he had an idea whilst thinking about the lantern of Jean Valjean, the protagonist of Le Miserables by Victor Hugo. 

The Artemide Eclisse lamp is composed of 3 half spheres: the base, the fixed outer dome and the mobile inner dome, which is rotated manually and allows you to adjust the light level which creates the eclipse effect.

A choice of simple technology with an aesthetic based on basic shapes. The half sphere rotates on its own axis which controls the amount of light emitted. 

Completely closed and the Artemide Eclisse gives a true impression of an eclipse! 

It is a perfect bedside lamp as you can choose how much light you want with one simple movement.

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